Insulation Sleeves & Line Splices

for single and multi position connectors and line splices



z85s.JPG (13845 bytes)Product Description:

A full line of receptacle and tab housings for single and multiple circuit applications as well as splices designed for quick connections. They are made of nylon polyamid PA 6.6 (or PA 4.6) or PVC for 1/4" (.250) quick disconnect female terminals and male tabs.


Our insulating housings are suitable for the appliance industry as well as for a wide range of control & automotive applications.


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   1-position flag-style receptacle housing (short type):

   WinkelkapselKurz.jpg (55815 bytes)

  1-position flag-style receptacle housing (long type): 

WinkelKapselLang.jpg (55843 bytes)

   3-position flag-style receptacle housing (short type):

WinkelKapsel3Fach.jpg (65251 bytes)



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All dimensions in mm